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This site is for YOU!


  • who have lost a dream or two;
  • who is always eager to better him/herself and his/her own environment;
  • who is open-minded and enthusiastic about change (in general);
  • who is also interested in your own self-development

And most importantly for YOU who have the courage to do what it takes to become a truly content individual!

If you got this far reading this… then YOU ARE THE ONE!

Finding TRUE HAPPINESS is easy as 1-2-3 …

First, you need to define what happiness means to you. I tell you a secret, happiness comes from within. But you already knew that. But did you know that the only way to get there is to know what you are aiming at. In other words what happiness really means to you. Please take a few moment and think about the times when you felt happy for a longer period of time, and I mean not excited, but rather content about your life and the way things were going for you. Can you pinpoint the reasons and the cause of your happy state? Was it the external world? Was it a car? A new house? A love relationship? Or was it because a dream of yours was realized? Hence you felt good about yourself experiencing this sensation and extreme high energy that you are capable of achieving anything! In other words your confidence level was so high without any self-doubt about your abilities that you could change the world if you wanted to. For you to define happiness you need to search deep in your heart and by the way you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Self-delusion has no place in knowing what really makes you happy and what happiness really means to you. It requires full consciousness and deep thinking. Take your time! Days or weeks if you need to. The answer is in you.  It is your perspective, it is only yours and very personal to you. Find it!

To me happiness is inner peace. A very calm state that enables me to apply compassion in everything I do and respond to any challenge with love and without any anxiety, anger, or frustration. No matter what the problem is. It is something that enables me to understand others, being less judging of any situation, and seeing the glass half full rather than half empty. And all of this without any big effort or conscious focus. You may ask now how did I get here and why is it important to achieve such peaceful state? Can you learn to become a truly compassionate individual who is content and happy of who and what he/she is, who has inner peace, self-love and self-respect? The answer is YES. However it requires your strong desire to manifest! If you were under water running out of air and not being able to come to the surface, what would you wish for the most, above anything else? Would you dream of car? Of course not. What would you truly wish for? Air! That is right. Precious AIR! You would just want to breath again. This is what I am referring to when I say that you need to have a strong desire to be happy.

Second, to be fully content you need to know what you want. To me dream = vision! Those of you who live and breath the corporate world know very well that a company without a vision will fail sooner or later. The same principle applies to your personal life. But it is even more important. When you do not know what you want then what is the purpose of your life journey? Can you list 3 things right now that you want really badly? Perhaps you want to be a great parent, or an expert in music, or a famous writer. It is just inches away from you. Most people are running on autopilot, managing daily activities as years go by and feel empty inside. The most disappointing part of this that these people do not understand and do not take the time either to understand the reasons for their voids. They often search for new things to fill the emptiness they feel or rely on others to fulfill it. These people miss out being happy because they do not know what they really want and focus on things that will only make the hollowness greater, as time goes by. Life is beautiful and abundant. Being truly ‘wealthy’ and ‘complete’ is being content.

This site is about assisting you to set out your personal and professional goals based on your life vision and make you grow. Why does it matter? First, it matter because by realizing your dreams you will get where you want to go! Unless you know where you want to be you might end up elsewhere. A place, where you never wanted to be at the first place. Not a good idea, is it? You know what happens then. Regrets, sadness and unhappiness. Do you think you would be able to make your environment a happy place by being sad? Of course not. Second, and even far more important, it matters because through the process of accomplishing your dreams you receive the greatest value of all: happiness. The journey of realizing your dreams will enable you to learn about yourself, fill your voids by doing what makes you happy. It will make you grow and you will become who you really are with all your talents and unique values that the world wants to see. It is far more likely that when you are a content individual your contribution to our society is greater and more meaningful than when you are seeking to fill your inner emptiness.

Our current society is built of individuals like YOU!

Each of YOU is important and either you realize this or not, you have a great impact on our society and naturally greater effect on your close environment. Happy individuals can not create an unhappy society, only a HAPPY one. Please be part of it.

Now let us get started and make it happen!

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  1. ‘Very strong and stimulating words of encouragement. Well done!

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